RWA Two-Minute Tip Details

In my Two-Minute-Tip video for Romance Writers of America, I talk about different website platforms including Wordpress, Wix, Square, and Weebly.

You can create a free account with each of these platforms. Listed in order of most user-friendly to most complicated (and powerful), *any* of these will give you a beautiful, customizable author website.


Pros: Easy, visual, drag-and-drop design.

Cons: Limited eCommerce functionality - although you can expect that to improve as they are owned by Square Space. Content Management is not Weebly's strength, so if you're blogging, look at other platforms.


You're looking at a Wix site right now!

Pros: Simple drag-and-drop design combined with powerful eCommerce capabilities. The 3x monthly newsletter blast included in the paid subscription can function as a beginning author's newsletter.

Cons: Frequent pushes to upgrade can be annoying.


Pros: Totally integrated eCommerce solution. If you're selling books on your own website, this is a great option. (Square Space, Weebly's parent company, is also an excellent option to explore.)

Cons: Expensive compared to other platforms. The basic plan starts at $29 a month.


Pros: This is the best content management/blog platform out there. Pricing is very reasonable. Get a personal site with custom domain for as little as $5 a month.

Cons: The learning curve is steep. While it's become more user-friendly over the years - I am a Wordpress nerd - it's still a time investment to get up and running. Ecommerce options are getting better but not as robust as Shopify or Square's offerings.

The biggest takeaway? Pick a platform that works for you.

Bonus tip: Be sure to include these elements on your author website.

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