• Carrie Lomax

Get the entire Say You Will series for $2.97 (US/UK) from October 12-19!

That's right - for a limited time, you can get three full-length books and one super-sexy novella for less than a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks!

Here's how:

Claim your copy of Say 'I Do' via Bookfunnel (newsletter subscription optional)

Click through to each book in the series for .99 cent/.99p pricing!

Say You'll Stay

US .99c

UK .99p

Five Stars: "Funny, hot and an engaging story!" - Amazon review

Say You Need Me

US .99c

UK .99p

"Steamy, emotional and engaging with great characters who share a strong connection." - Amazon review

Say You're Mine

US .99c

UK .99p

"Loved this book so much!!!" - Amazon review

Voila! Hours of great reading delivered to your Kindle.

You can also read the Say You Will series for free on Kindle Unlimited ONLY through the end of October. Not a Kindle reader? Sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss this "funny, hot and engaging" series once it's available on all platforms - starting November 1!

Happy reading!

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